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Sire - Game Ball Sire - Game Ball

Flawless x burn




Sire - Crease

centerfold x burn




Sire - Flawless

burn x burn




Sire - Priceless

centerfold x mainspring




Sire - Centerfold Sire - Centerfold

Burn x Gunslinger

Owned with Wheaton Hampshires
Sire - Burn Sire - Burn

Swagger x Miller 

There is really no good place to begin when putting together a write up on a sheep who has already created as much talk and excitement as any buck lamb in recent history. "Burn" is a genetic giant when you consider our industry is at a cross roads trying to decide what is more important, skeletal quality and balance OR moderation, bone, and muscle. We present to you the most dynamic combination of the two kinds that is possible to generate. He has every unique balance aspect that made his father, Swagger, an instant success as a sire of major champions. While at the same time his Miller roots on his maternal side shine thru with everything that can be considered "Current".

Simply put, there is not another one like him in the country. You can study his video and decide for yourself which combination of elite traits you feel makes him the standout that he has always been. His mother is a rare female that exemplifies the very words "Stud Ewe". In just her first two lamb crops she has generated over $75,000 on 3 head of natural born lambs. In his first breeding season, Burn was used extensively by both Rule Sheep Co. and MacLennan Club Lambs and if all goes as planned there will be “Burn” lambs out of 400+ of the most elite females from both flocks. We have made a commitment not to flood the market with sons in his inaugural season and plan to band most of the very best ones. Call as early as possible to get in on the most exciting young sire in the country!

Owned with Rule Sheep Co.  

Sire - Six Pack

Burn x Gunslinger

full brother to centerfold
Sire - Power Ball

power cat x maker
Sire - Ft. Worth
Sire - Ft. Worth
sired by Gas monkey

Bred by brian johnson




Sire - Ft. Worth

burn x elliott




Sire - Ft. Worth

sired by burn

This buck has been set aside for the Men of Influence sale all spring. However, we have decided to change our plans and are keeping this guy and are going to offer semen on this specimen for the 2015 lamb crop. ...He is a Burn out of the mother of the Reserve Grand at Fort Worth in 2012 for Erica Walker. That same sheep also won the Belt Buckle Bonanza and The Fall Classic as well as a multitude of other jackpots in Texas. That was one wild individual and on show day, at Fort Worth that sheep was the best I've ever seen. This one is not far behind him.



Sire - Smash

Burn x Swagger

Owned with Summers Show Lambs
Sire - Mongo

Swagger x Specialist

Mongo was a Swagger sired keeper buck from the 2011 lamb crop. He got his name from the obnoxious amount of muscle
that he had as a lamb. For 2013 we used him extensively at our satellite flock where he made them great touching,
awesome hided and thick! The females out of him look to be good ones and his wethers are going to be easy feeding.
Sire - Freak Show

Swagger x Fix It

No doubt the wildest one we've ever raised.  Not only the most extreme in his chest floor in terms of shallowness and elevation but also the most exotic in the shape of his fore rib at a 3/4 view.  He is by some margin the widest chested most opened up sheep we've ever turned loose.  His upper rump is giant, twist and stifle are huge and has a groove in his top that runs to the middle of his loin.  He is going to be a big part of our future. 

Owned with Chabot, Josh Cody, Brenden Benson
Sire - Puker Up

Crazy x Cripple

A stand out as a baby and genetically superior to many made this one the first buck lamb selected in 2012.  He is damned by Futures twin sister and out of Crazy.  This mating combines two of the best ewe families that we have assembled in our years of production.  Flawless on the move, great shaped and awesome in his chest, shoulder and flank make his look from the side tough to beat.  Plus, he is stout from behind and hard to the touch. The first year of babies out of him look to be pretty big time and we expect his excitement to grow.

Owned with Johnson family show stock
Sire - JR

Swagger x Southern Comfort

We bought this guys mother at the Black and White a couple years ago from Colby Wiss.  She is a daughter of Southern Comfort which was raised by the notable Marcantel program.  We kept him for ourselves as he was as close to identical to Swagger was as a baby as any that we raised.  Unfortunately in his first season he got injured and only bred one ewe but we intend to use him heavily in the future.
Sire - 5 Star

For anyone who has paid attention this spring, Five Star needs no introduction. For those who haven't been keeping up, this was our consignment to the 2012 Men of Influence Sale. Five Star gathered up a bid of $52,000 for half interest and sold to Progressive Genetics of Indiana. Five Star (Tag# 942) was a stand out as a baby and caught the attention of every visitor and prospective buck buyer we had. He has a full sister in our flock from a year before who produced a killer good replacement ewe lamb this spring. The maternal history is rich behind this guy and we are highly confident in his ability to do big things. I've had numerous people ask me if I am willing to sell part of or lease the Swagger sons that we kept for ourselves. We are going to decline for now but we strongly encourage anyone interested in using a great one to call Progressive Genetics and visit about semen packages that they have available on Five Star.
Sire - Crazy Sire - Crazy

Swagger x Gunslinger
Sire - World Class

King Pin x World Wide

Purchased from and owned with Clay Elliott

Sire - Justified

Sire - Justified

Trunk x Composure

Purchased from Clay Elliott
Owned with Elliott, Summers, Overman


Sire - Swagger

Sire - Swagger

Swamp Donkey X Endeavor x Composure

Purchased From Clay Elliott


Sire - Cripple

Radio x Exclusive

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