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Sire - Game Ball Sire - Game Ball

Flawless x burn
Fresh & frozen Semen




Sire - Crease

centerfold x burn
Fresh & frozen Semen




Sire - Centerfold Sire - Centerfold

Burn x Gunslinger
Fresh & frozen Semen

Owned with Wheaton Hampshires
Sire - Flawless

burn x burn
Fresh Semen only




Sire - Priceless

centerfold x mainspring

Fresh & FROZEN Semen




Sire - Burn Sire - Burn

Swagger x Miller 
Fresh Semen Only 

There is really no good place to begin when putting together a write up on a sheep who has already created as much talk and excitement as any buck lamb in recent history. "Burn" is a genetic giant when you consider our industry is at a cross roads trying to decide what is more important, skeletal quality and balance OR moderation, bone, and muscle. We present to you the most dynamic combination of the two kinds that is possible to generate. He has every unique balance aspect that made his father, Swagger, an instant success as a sire of major champions. While at the same time his Miller roots on his maternal side shine thru with everything that can be considered "Current".

Simply put, there is not another one like him in the country. You can study his video and decide for yourself which combination of elite traits you feel makes him the standout that he has always been. His mother is a rare female that exemplifies the very words "Stud Ewe". In just her first two lamb crops she has generated over $75,000 on 3 head of natural born lambs. In his first breeding season, Burn was used extensively by both Rule Sheep Co. and MacLennan Club Lambs and if all goes as planned there will be “Burn” lambs out of 400+ of the most elite females from both flocks. We have made a commitment not to flood the market with sons in his inaugural season and plan to band most of the very best ones. Call as early as possible to get in on the most exciting young sire in the country!

Owned with Rule Sheep Co.  


Sire - Swagger

Sire - Swagger

Swamp Donkey X Endeavor x Composure
Frozen Semen Only | $500

Purchased From Clay Elliott

Sire - Ft. Worth
Sire - Ft. Worth
sired by Gas monkey

Frozen Semen Only | $100

Bred by brian johnson




Sire - JR

Swagger x Southern Comfort

Frozen Semen Only | $150

We bought this guys mother at the Black and White a couple years ago from Colby Wiss.  She is a daughter of Southern Comfort which was raised by the notable Marcantel program.  We kept him for ourselves as he was as close to identical to Swagger was as a baby as any that we raised.  Unfortunately in his first season he got injured and only bred one ewe but we intend to use him heavily in the future.



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